About RDA

Operating globally, with over 80 years of combined experience in a wide range of industries, we are engineers on a mission to cultivate innovative thought and maximize industry potential.

Through partnerships with governments, industry leaders and forward thinking individuals, we collaborate to direct and redirect existing technologies, realize new applications and facilitate the benefits.


Our talented pool of engineers, access to the latest in thermal technologies and awareness to the growing potential of our marine division, allows our expertise to span multiple market sectors.

In all aspects of work we employ our method to research, develop, and apply.  We strive to answer “what if” and offer a fresh engineering perspective to encourage originality; we then create the paths to bring these ideas to realization.




We probe industry possibility, examine exciting technologies and create practical, forward thinking solutions. From smart marine technology to cleaner more efficient combustion, we strive to foster curiosity and recognize opportunity.

We bring "what if" to life and mobilize innovation


RDA  extracts and converts innovative ideas from fresh concepts to practical consumer use.



Through research and expertise we answer specific questions and form the blueprints to realize untapped potential.



We monitor and grow from our work, re-evaluating functionality and possibilities for our partners.
It is here that we see innovation mobilized.

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